Our Vineyards

Our vineyards are tended according to the strict criteria of the Integrated Pest Management, which implies that every action must be driven by the utmost respect for the environment: the lawn is controlled by mowing it with mechanical means only and by completely excluding the use of chemicals.

Pruning is carried out in accordance with the local prescriptions that imply Guyot as the traditional training system.
Specifically, we act so as to leave:

7 or 8 buds per spur for Barbera, Uva Rara and Vespolina vines
8 or 9 buds per spur for Nebbiolo vine
9 or 10 buds per spur for our white grape

Such approach ensures that we keep well below the production limits dictated by the procedural guideline of the specific D.O.C. (Denominations of Controlled Origin) for each varietal.

All the grapes are harvested manually in small crates to maintain the bunches in pristine conditions during transportation to the estate for being processed.

Our vineyards stretch over three different hills a.k.a. möt  in our local dialect: the MötZiflon , the Mötfrei and the Campazzi, all different by their exposure and the soil composition.
The Mötziflon is south-west facing with a predominance of clay component.
The Mötfrei has a southern exposure with red sandy-loamed soil.
The Campazzi is more westerly exposed and lies on a looser soil as it contains a higher percentage of sand.


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