Colline Novaresi D.O.C. Nebbiolo

The local dialect from the village of Suno indicates “Möt” as the translation of ‘hill’ and “Frei” as that of ‘Porcini Mushrooms’, hence the meaning.

This elegant single-varietal, Nebbiolo-based wine ages for 18 months in French oak tonneaux. The unique micro climate and the meticulous grape selection through the green harvest are crucial for giving character and structure to this wine.
Mötfrei is, however, never excessively full in body, showing instead a fine balance between floral, spicy and balsamic notes, which never overpower those given by the wooden vessel.

We recommend a serving temperature of around 18-20°C and to uncork the bottle some time before consumption.

“Our choice to elevate this wine in tonneaux rather than using the classic medium-big sized barrel is deliberate and shows the incredible versatility of our Nebbiolos. Our Mötfrei offers a unique sensorial experience that combines a great mineral print with sweeter secondary aromas given by a smaller oak vessel.”


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