Colline Novaresi D.O.C. Bianco

This single-varietal white comes from the vinification of an indigenous white grape variety of Alto Piemonte that we cannot mention for copyright issues.
Uncommonly well-structured, Mottobello appear straw yellow to the eye and reveals strong notes of acacia, honey, wild flowers and basil on the nose. At the palate it stands out for its crispness and dry, flavours with mineral suggestions. Overall, fine, elegant and versatile.

Mottobello is best served cool, at 12° C.

“The particularly strong and intense perceptions detectable both on the nose and at the palate have made wine makers and customers alike addressing this wine as the “reddest of all whites”. Mottobello is a single varietal white wine with a great balance between acidity and mineral notes that make it outstanding as aperitivo time outs as well as an ideal pairing with a vast array of white meat and fish or sea food-based dishes.”


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