Colline Novaresi D.O.C. Nebbiolo

The local dialect from the village of Suno indicates “Möt” as the translation of ‘hill’ and “Ziflon” as that of ‘Robin’ or ‘songbird’, hence the meaning.

Based on a blend of Nebbiolo (85%) Vespolina (10%) and Uva Rara (5%) grapes, this wine is aged for twenty months in traditional oak barrels of Slavonia. The austere tannin-based structure and the precise acidity are the features that truly set the Nebbioli from Alto Piemonte apart and make them prone to become increasingly complex and elegant over the years.

We suggest to serve Mötziflon at a temperature of 18/20° C and to uncork the bottle some time before consumption.

“The elevation in wood adds up complexity to the flavours and helps soften the tannins, this ultimately ensures an overal, very pleasant balance between all components. Mötziflon is our flagship wine with an extraordinary combination of spicy notes given by the Vespolina and acidity from the indigenous Uva Rara.”


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